The news article referenced below identifies Retired U.S. Army Dental Corp officer, Stephen Rouse, as the head of a “one of a kind” lab in military medicine.  The lab creates hard-plastic, 3-D “medical models,” or replicas of injured body parts based on CT scans.  The photograph and its caption are excerpted from the article to focus on Steve Rouse, who made significant contributions to the Army Dental Care System, and DENCOM when on active duty and continues to serve soldiers.  Please click the photo or the URL below for the entire article.

Dr. Stephen Rouse

Dr. Stephen Rouse, a retired military dentist who runs Walter Reed Army Medical Center’s 3-D Medical Applications Center, cleans a medical model of a pelvis with heterotopic ossification, or HO. The growth is random and can form a lacy network of new bone under the skin, similar in appearance to coral formations, causing problems for amputees, especially when fitting and wearing prosthetics. The bony growth sometimes encapsulates major arteries or nerves, making surgery risky. A 3-D model gives surgeons and patients a clearer look at problems before operating. Photo by Fred W. Baker III


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