One way military dentistry is unique is that it must provide dental care while both the patients and the providers are mobile; and in a hostile environment.


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Greetings Sid and Pris,

This photo may be something you can use from February 1968, our first day in Phu Bai just south of Hue and soon after the beginning of the Tet Offensive. I was assigned to the Medical Company, First Brigade, 101 Abn Division and all our equipment was being unloaded from the C130s.

This soldier found me and had pulpitis in the lower left first molar. He said he could not stand the pain another night. Fortunately that molar was removed uneventfully. Usually dental treatment in the forward area was not this primitive. The next morning my "Teeth of the 

Eagle" dental clinic was operational in a GP Medium tent. One of the physicians made the photo.


J.Michael Ruff DDS Colonel (Ret) 


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