Many people who are important to the heritage of Army dentistry are unknown after a generation of retirements.  Colonel James Maxwell Murphy, USA, DC deserves to be remembered and in so doing RECOGNIZED for his contributions.  The AMEDD Museum has preserved some of his memory as historic memorabilia, his uniform. The email exchange that follows preserves in writing more of Colonel Murphy’s impact on Army dentistry.  [In case you don’t know “tog” – “the old general” is MG (Retired) Bill Lefler.]

If you would like to offer a vignette of Colonel James Murphy’s service which will recognize his contribution, please email it to the website editor at  with “Murphy” in the subject line.  Or mail to John King, 8906 Heron Glen Drive, Charlotte, NC 28269


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From: Patrick Sculley [ xxx]Sent: Friday, May 13, 2011 9:59 AM

Dear Tog,

The Museum has a dress uniform from DC Officer, James Maxwell Murphy, Col.  From his ribbons he must have served Korea. Do you know anything of him?



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Date  Sat, May 14, 2011 at 12:54 PM

Pat, Col. Jim Murphy was my boss from June 1960 until December 1960 at Fort Hood.  He wrote in my OER that if I ever wanted to come back into the Army Dental Corps he would highly recommend me. You see I got out and went into private  practice in Paris Texas. Three months later on his high recommendation I was allowed to return to Fort Benning, Ga. where I made the decision to stay in the Army Dental Corps. After two years I was then assigned to Paris, France. Col Murphy and his lovely wife Dee started the first General Dentistry Residency program at Fort Hood and graduated George Kuttas, Phil Blycard (misspelled), Jim Von Grunigan and others. The program was a model for follow on programs at Knox, Ord, Dix, Madigan, Bragg etc.

Col. and Mrs Murphy retired at the ARC [ Army Residence Community in San Antonio ] and were very good friends of Gen. Pearson Brown and were very active in the retired Dental Corps community in San Antonio. He would always say he was responsible for my career and those who followed me. That is true– If he had not let me come back  into the Army Dental Corps history would have been different. He was alive the whole  time we were assigned to HSC and saw me become chief. He was a good friend. I don’t know much about his career. Jerry Strader or Don Hobaugh might.

TOG (Bill)


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