About the Association of Army Dentistry

To promote Army Dentistry, to support the U.S. Army Dental Corps, the Army Medical Department, our Army and our Country, and to recognize efforts that made the Army Dental Corps strong for more than 100 years.

The Association of Army Dentistry (AAD) is incorporated in the state of Texas and recognized by the IRS as non-profit under IRS Section 501(C)(3).

The Association is managed by a:

  • Board of Directors
  • Elected President
  • Executive Director
  • Secretary-Treasurer
  • Constitution and By-Laws


“Once a Soldier, Always a Soldier…a Soldier for Life”

The “U.S. Army Retired Soldier Handbook” is for Soldiers and family members. It provides information on retirement programs, benefits and entitlements.


We are organized to provide ways and means to continue service to our nation and its soldiers. Please join us in activities to promote morale, support recruitment, recognize and honor past accomplishments and all who serve and have served the nation by means of Army Dentistry.

  1. Michael Garvin
    Michael Garvin 5 years ago

    How do I edit my profile? I need to change my addresses (home and work), and indicate that I am now officially an ORF!

  2. Jim Quackenboss Author
    Jim Quackenboss 5 years ago

    1) Please click on “My Profile”
    2) Find the “gear icon” – In the tan box, same line as your name
    3) Click on the gear box to expose the profile menu
    4) Select “Edit Profile”
    5) Update your profile and click “Update Profile”

    I hope that helps. Let us know if you further questions or concerns.

  3. Joseph L. Konzelman
    Joseph L. Konzelman 5 years ago

    After US Army Dental Corps career, I continued my professional career in academics. First at Emory U. and then the Medical college of Georgia. I retired in 2007, moved to Maryland and saw patients on several OMFS offices part time until 2016 when Parkinson’s made practice inappropriate. Over all the years since retirement from WRAMC, I kept in touch visiting a number of DENTACs as a consultant and by membership and active participation on the Board of Directors, including President of the Walter Reed Society. That organization is completely volunteer and serves to support military patients, their families and their caregivers at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, Ft Belvoir and surrounding installations. The Board is comprised primarily of retired senior health care officers and NCO, many of whom I enjoyed serving with at WRAMC. WRS membership numbers over 600 military, dependents and friends of WRAMC, WRNMMC, and anyone interested in assisting in our altruistic mission. My participation has given meaning to my retirement and kept me in touch with similarly motivated people. I highly recommend you, my colleagues inquire by visiting the Walter Reed Society web site.

  4. Joseph L. Konzelman
    Joseph L. Konzelman 4 years ago

    I invite any interested AAD members to the annual Walter Reed Society Holiday get together on 8 December from 1300 to 1600 at the Dining Hall of USUHS Medical School on the Bethesda Campus of Walter Reed [WRNMMC] at my expense. Just let me know you will attend and whether you will be accompanied. my email is: j_ konzelman@comcast.net. We are also planning a reunion of former Walter Reed Army Medical Center staff to be held on the WRAMC campus in October of 2020. That promises to be a truly memorable event for those of us who served at that outstanding installation.

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