James Kulild James C. Kulild

I had the privilege of working for MG Lefler at 7th MEDCOM back in the 80’s. It was an honor for me.
I remember being at a short course at Letterman back in the 70’s when the Chief, CAO was talking to the faculty and the students about assignments. LTC Lefler was a member of the faculty and the atmosphere in the room was tense as any discussion with a Chief, CAO. At one point LTC Lefler asked him: “Whadda want me to do? Put teeth in a pencil sharpener??!!” I think I was a CPT at the time and I thought: “This guy’s got some balls!!” And then years later he found out he got that second star while in Heidelberg. He had a celebration event at his quarters and I was happy to give him a special commemorative bottle of Taittingera Champagne.
And I still remember his stud/studette book which was marked up with special thoughts about each officer.
May he rest in peace – he did his duty.

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