The purpose of the History Online pages is to present as much of Army dentistry’s heritage as is appropriate for a website.  History of U.S. Army dentistry takes the form of written descriptions of the past, objects in museums, information in archives, photographs, art, films and videos.
We welcome your comments, questions and especially your remembrances of people, places, events.

Recommended sources of history information on U.S. Army dentistry:

Hyson JM, Whitehorne JWA and Greenwood JT

A History of Dentistry in the U.S. Army to World War II

Borden Institute, Washington, D.C., 2008.

Jeffcott GF

United States Army Dental Service in World War II, Office of the Surgeon General

Washington, D.C., 1955.

U.S. Army Dental Corps History Webpage

Office of the Chief, U.S. Army Dental Corps.

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