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Edge Advisors would be honored to assist you with the next step in your career!  Who is Edge Advisors? We are a dental consulting firm that provides an array of services, takes pride preserving private practice dentistry, and always strives to exceed client service and quality of work expectations. While we provide a variety of services to the dental industry, our main focus areas include but are not limited to: Dentist / Specialist Placement (Recruiting), Practice Transitions, Buy-side Representation and Dental and Medical Accounting & Tax.

How can we help you? Edge Advisors is here to assist you with transitioning your career. Listed below are a few areas that may be of interest to you as you consider your next career move (these services would be provided to you at no charge):

  • Resume Writing / Resume Review
  • Employment Contract Review
  • Compensation Model Review:
    • Understanding compensation
      models (Base pay, base plus
      production, base plus
      collections, etc.)
  • Dentistry in Rural vs Metro Areas
  • Buy-side Representation
  • Interview Tips
  • Understanding Restrictive Covenants
  • Dental Practice Model Review
    • Compare and contrast the different practice
      models (Corporate, large group, small group,
      partnership, solo practice, public health, etc.)
  • Practice Transitions
  • Dental Practice Start-ups

Andrew Lehmkuhl
Practice Transitions & Recruiting / Partner
Phone: (414) 255-5669

Andrew Lehmkuhl spearheads the dental transitions/acquisitions efforts at Edge.  He is Founder and one of three partners.  He has served on the Board of Directors for the Wisconsin Dental Association (WDA) Foundation, the Board for the Association of Army Dentistry, sold over 200 dental offices, helped over 350 dentists find employment opportunities and most recently was awarded distinguished ‘The Friends of Dentistry Award’ by the Wisconsin Dental Association (WDA) Board of Trustees for “dedication and service to the dental profession” and was an honored guest for the WDA Pyramid of Pride awards ceremony for 2019. He has over 20 years of experience working in the dental profession, with emphasis on Transitions, Human Resources and Recruiting.

Nikki Paffenroth

Director of Recruitment

Phone: (608) 712-7890


Nikki Paffenroth leads the recruitment team at Edge Advisors.  She uses a consultative talent acquisition approach and takes time to deep-dive into your goals, clinical procedures you enjoy/would like to add to your clinical suite and the type of practice you feel you’ll succeed within.  From there, she’s with you every step of the way:  providing tips on interviewing best practices, peeling back the curtain and maintaining transparency with the practice’s search, assisting with contract negotiations, helping to ensure the practice has an onboarding plan for you and following up once you’ve started.  Nikki’s hard work and dedication to finding the hard-to-reach dentists, quick locum tenens situations, and part-time dentists has led to her reputation of the “go-to” person in Wisconsin for recruitment needs. It is her mission to help practice owners and associates by aligning their practice philosophies and goals to ensure a long-term fit.

We would love to share our knowledge with you and help you find the best possible fit as you look to transition your career. Most of the associateship opportunities and practices for sale opportunities Edge has are in the Midwest Region, but even if you are looking to practice outside of the Midwest, our offer to help still stands. We are here to help to preserve private-practice dentistry and find win-win situations for all!  You can learn more about Edge Advisors, and the services we offer on our website:

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