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As a proud member of the US Army Dental Care System, you have dedicated yourself to serving our country
and the well-being of your patients. You deserve the support needed to achieve your personal and career goals.
That’s our mission. Heartland Dental exists to create more value for dentists – more work/life balance, more
educational opportunities, more flexibility – more of what you want.

Heartland Dental is the leading dental support organization in the U.S. with more than 900 supported locations
nationwide. With our proven systems and unending support, we provide doctors and their teams with the nonclinical management relief needed to lead a successful dental practice.

Founded by Dr. Rick Workman in 1997, we exist to accelerate a doctor’s learning curve towards becoming an
excellent, productive and thriving clinician. As a doctor-led organization, supported doctors have full clinical
autonomy, access to world-class education and full leadership of their individually-branded offices.
Through years of experience, we have a proven track record of being an excellent career choice for new and
tenured doctors. Supported doctors join a network of over 1,500 colleagues across the country who are
committed to advancing the industry and providing excellent patient care in the communities they serve.


“Building upon my knowledge and skills has always been important to me, and being part of the US Army
Reserves has only pushed that even further. I wanted to build my career along the path of continual
development – to do more. As a Heartland Dental support dentist, I’m happy to say I’ve been able to achieve
that. I’ve learned to be a better clinician for my patients and a better leader for my team. I’ve also had the
honor and pleasure of helping other supported dentists do the same. Because of the support offered to perform
the required civil service in the event we’re pulled for wartime deployment, summer training events, etc.,
Heartland Dental is a great choice for military reserve dentists. Through Heartland Dental’s support, there are
so many opportunities for dentists to get more of what they want out of their careers. If you’d like to discuss
possible opportunities or want more info, please reach out to me at
and I
would be happy to share my experiences.”
Brady Morehead, DDS, MAGD, COL (USAR)

How do you want to define your career? What do you need more of? Let us help you discover that by visiting:

Our recruiting team can be reached directly at 888-999-3661 or by emailing recruiting@heartland.com.

Ray Grays

Strategic Sourcing Manager
Cell 707-365-2036
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